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Lummoxi Exclusive:
An Interview with Blues Powerhouse Dana Fuchs

At the altar of song, Dana Fuchs' smoldering voice is a sermon that electrifies and redeems. Her unique brand of triumphant blues forged of profound tragedy enraptures devotees, as she also uses the stage to keep her sister's memory alive with a message of mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

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Music Over Michigan: From Detriot
Funk to Grand Rapids Punk


Keeping the legacy of the iconic body of Michigan-based music alive is taken up by two Michigan natives and music veterans in the new radio show, Songs From The Trail.

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And no rest for Brooklyn's own punk hardcore band No Call No Show. A Look at the artists and venues fighting to keep the city alive.

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Artist Goes Viral After Stunning Reveal 

After becoming skilled at concealing his true appearance, he boldly decided to share his condition and amazing talent with the world. WATCH.

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Music Heals: A Music Testimonial of a Cancer Patient

Music is an escape and a shelter. During treatments, music brought beauty in my life, where everything was so ugly and painful. It helped me to disconnect from my reality and to connect with my emotions. Playing gave me the chance to express my darkest feelings, but also by letting myself be carried away by more soothing and joyful pieces.”

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The Real Michael Imperioli


The snap decision Soprano's star, Michael Imperioli, made at seventeen that led him down an uncertain path and changed his life forever.

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From Mercy to Unspoken


Rebecca Chianese follows up her debut novel Mercy with her latest book Unspoken, an empowering story about shedding light on the assault of girls and women in society.

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Anti-Asian Violence On the Rise as Media

Focuses On Political "Cat Videos"

The deadly cost of racism, the weaponized words of a President, and a media's unrelenting fixation on partisan one-liners and Cancun outrage.

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Michael Imperioli's Most Embarrassing Moment on Stage & His 3 Tips on How to Ace an Audition

Nuns hold sign in support of Trump at the Capitol

Current Events

Conspiracy Crusades and Insurrection

in America: Is This Only The Beginning?

Photo by Mel D. Cole

Are we at the cusp of greater societal upheaval? Only time will tell. The collective events of the last year have made it palpable - what divides us is a sickness that runs much deeper than what is seen on screens. If there is a remedy to be had to heal this country and bridge the chasm among its citizens, from the picture that these photos paint, one is only left to assume that time is running out.


Patriots or rioters? Loyalists or terrorists? 

They said they were fighting for their children and grandchildren. They said they were prepared to die that day for their country, and some did.


They Chanted, USA! They called to let the Proud Boys get through to the front line as they hurled weapons and debris at the capitol building while succeeding at scaling its walls. They broke barricades, windows, and doors and entered by the hundreds.


Journalists were beaten and stripped of their equipment, attendees of the riot were trampled and stomped upon.


Lawmakers ran from the senate floor to safety.  The stark amount of capitol police officers present stood guard with guns drawn to protect cabinet members and democracy itself.

The photos below were taken by the brave photojournalists who were on the ground that day and one undercover law enforcement officer who was willing to share a few shots that he took while on duty. The photos are being shared by permission through Lummoxi’s head of photography.

Photo by Mel D. Cole

Black Trump supporter pepper sprayed, rinses eyes

Photo by Mel D. Cole

A MAGA crowd descends on the capitol

Photo by Mel D. Cole

Various men scale the captiol walls

Photo by Michael Ade

Capitol police speaking with MAGA mob

Photo by Erin Shafer


Photo by Julio Cortez / AP

Photo by Mel D. Cole


Photo by Mike Sweetman


Photo by Mike Sweetman


Photo by Mike Sweetman

"Only a cleansing of our whole society can remove this sickness from our souls" - RFK

This short speech by Robert Kennedy from 1968 echoes into modern times, powerful and as relevant as ever. In it, RFK joins in words with Abraham Lincoln to remind us that appeals to violence, mobs of rioters, can never win. And those who make such an appeal will pay the cost. 


However, the storming of mobs and rioters is rarely ever about pure anarchy. RFK's words are deafening as he implores us to look upon another kind of violence; the violence of institutions, inaction, decay, and the "slow destruction" of hopelessness, inequality, injustice, racism, and despair. This is the violence the leads the hopeless to hatred, intolerance, conspiracy, and insurrection. This is the violence that must be quelled before peace will prevail.

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Now Serving Bacon

With a Side of Sacrilegious Kink Behind the Facepaint of an Impious Clown

The Bacons are a UK based counter-culture couple who seek out defunct abandoned haunts where the subject of their urbex photo shoots are often sexually irreverent, downright creepy, and totally intriguing.


Domestic Tensions Rise as We Learn to Live and Work From Home


Musicians creating music, artists trying to achieve their flow state, professionals on Zoom calls, or students in the books -  in a situation where families are working from home - all are now fighting for prime real estate, specifically the quietest areas of the home.

Zopa Poster.JPG

photo by Bella Juliana Imperioli

    n a curious string of events, Emmy-award winning actor, Michael Imperioli, puts down the piece and picks up an axe as frontman for the band, Zopa. Read their story and listen to the long-awaited debut album, 'La Dolce Vita'.

photo by Mike Sweetman


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The Serendipitous Events that Turned a Soprano's Wiseguy into a Rock Band Frontman

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When the Absurd World Meets a Surreal Mind


Featured in music

An NYC indie rock band's debut EP amid a world in disarray 


the color yes

The spectacular, irreverent, & honest art of

Stef Duffy


The Work of Mark Tennant:

An Ode in Oil to Rebel Youth

Girls dance at party, an oil painting by Mark Tennant

All rights to images in this post held by Mark Tennant, shared with permission.

Tennant masterfully paints across time and culture to thread together a contrasted ode in oil to the rebellion of youth, girlhood, and Americana.

 Mr. Tennant is a master of movement and the human form in the context of space and time. Much of the artist’s recent work thrills in his ability to freeze a moment in time using all the properties of photographic imagery. Though much of what he captures on canvas carries the quality of motion halted in the flash of a camera...the oil scenes swing, hop, and dance with the exquisite motion of memories being recalled - a testament to the mastery of the painter. Tennant is able to pull off, not only the motion of a subject in a snap-shot but also the energy and flow of the greater context wherein the subject exists.

Third Eye

Kaleigh Bigford  Photography

New York 

Featured in

Visual arts

Corianna Klepac Artist/Painter

N. Carolina

Mike Sweetman Photography

New York

    his year has been challenging for a variety of reasons.  The uncertainty we're feeling over our health, perhaps; the economy, our children, unrest on the streets. It can overwhelm even the steadiest hands among us.


But, if there is any kind of a silver lining in a year that has only been adorned with chaos, it's that for a few months many of us suddenly had plenty of time to hit the pause button and do some serious introspection.  Many thousands, including myself, have made the determination that the things we were doing before the coronavirus

enveloped the globe; things that have left us feeling unhappy and unfulfilled will no longer do. This is a time for remembering the lost things; the things that got left behind in exchange for the rat-race, the 9 to 5, the needs of the kids. 

For many of us, that thing is art. 

Hence, in the spirit of a renewed zeal to do the work of honing our artistic craft, or getting started with learning how to draw, we've compiled the top ten step-by-step drawing tutorials on YouTube.   

Pick up your pencil, dust off your notebooks, read on.  We have work to do.  




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hone your craft

Top Ten Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorials on YouTube

Image by Dimitri Simon

Racism & art: A painful history still nips at our heels

Candace Harding Medel | Updated 7.5.20 

On May 17th, 1954, the US Supreme Court handed down a unanimous ruling on the Brown v. Board of Education case declaring the segregation of schools on the basis of race was “inherently unequal” thus violating the Equal Protection Claus of the 14th amendment.

Three months later,  Ruby Bridges was born. At the age of 6, under the protections granted by the 14th amendment and on the guard of four US Marshals, Ruby became the first African American child to desegregate the all-white William Frantz Elementary School in Louisiana.  


Famed American artist, Norman Rockwell, immortalized the moment in his 1964 painting, The  Problem We All Live With. 

Norman Rockwell, 'The Problem We All Live With', 1963

RubyBridges Escorted.jpg

Ruby Bridges Escorted To & From School by US Marshals

The painting makes vivid an ugly time in American history. Some may take comfort in the notion that the ugliness of that racist time, when citizens where violently offended at the idea of children with dark skin sharing a classroom with their own white children, is far removed from us now; a terrible thing that happened long ago. 

But it should be startling to consider that today, Ruby Bridges is just 66 years old. It wasn't that long ago. Generations of Black Americans still feel this painful history nipping at their heels.