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Branwen Drew

The Life She Was Meant To Live

Branwen’s love of art started at an early age.  She comes from a creative family of woodworkers and crafters and was lovingly encouraged to pursue classes in the fine arts.


In 1969 Branwen entered the Navy as an Electronics Technician and then transferred to Community College and then Cornell University where she received a Bachelors in Wildlife Biology.  Throughout her younger days she continued to hone her craft and take the occasional art class.


While working at the library at Cornell she decided to make that her career and returned to college where she received her Masters degree at Drexel College in Philadelphia.


In 1984 Branwen married and began a family, which soon included two children, a boy and a girl. Between 1985 and 2007 she worked at Morrisville College’s library and due to a rigorous schedule art took a back seat for a great number of years.


After her children were both in college she began sketching again and found art to be very therapeutic in dealing with the grief felt from the loss of her mother then years later, her father. All the while filling sketchbook after sketchbook trying to deal with depression and inner conflict.


In 2018 after 35 years of marriage, Branwen came out to her wife and family as trangender and explained that she had felt this way her entire existence. While this was the end of an old life it was the beginning of the life she was always intended to lead.


She now lives a very happy and fulfilling life as a Government contract technical librarian in an Air Force Base research lab in Upstate New York. Art now plays a major part of her life and she is involved in her community in a big way.


Branwen is the Secretary on the Executive Board of the Rome Art Association and her work has been featured in many places including; The Capital Gallery, The REACH Center, The History Museum/Historical Society, The Frame and Photo shop and The Pratt House Community Art Center. She has also had a one month show at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Utica, been artist of the month at City hall and various banks in the community and received an honorable mention from the Community Arts Council in Ithica . In addition she was also honored to receive an award at the Rome Art and Community Center from Jervis Library.


Branwen is currently working on a series of non-Christian holy places on scratchboard which is her preferred medium. She also enjoys using water color pens and pen and ink.


In the last 18 months she has begun writing poetry which can be found on which is where she also writes for Empowered Trans Woman, an online publication.


Her work can be viewed and purchased on her website.

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