mike sweetman


Life Behind The Lens

Mike Sweetman was raised in midtown Manhattan on 48th street.  Hell’s Kitchen, in the 70’s and 80’s, back when the neighborhood lived up to the name.


His love for photography began while participating in a five borough wide photo essay contest, a contest he ultimately won.


Life as it often does, led Mike down a different path and he began what turned out to be a 25 year long career in the culinary field. His dishes are no less artistic than his photography and his customers rave about his skills in French, Italian and Mexican cuisine.


While Mr. Sweetman still enjoys creating with food as his medium, photography remains his true passion and plays center stage in his life only coming second to his three children.


Mike states that when he looks through the camera it’s as if the world disappears and it’s just him and his subject, whether it be a live subject or him indulging in his love of street photography in his old stomping grounds.

When he is working with people he prefers to "capture moments" as they happen allowing people to see his perspective on life and humanity. He enjoys playing with light and scouting out amazing locations that turn a shoot into something really special. When he’s not working with people he can be found taking photos for new businesses or helping others manage social media photography.

Mike never has two days that are the same but one thing that is constant is his passion for breaking his own limits. No matter where you meet him, in the kitchen or behind the camera he will be sure to connect with you and you will leave having made a new friend.


Today, he can be found doing shoots all over the Tri-state area but, just like his work, he doesn't get hung up on boundaries. He can be reached via his website.

Mike Sweetman Photography