the color yes

An NYC Indie Rock Band Debuts First EP. Then the World Went to Hell.   

       fter the world and the guys from The Color Yes were rocked by a global pandemic, we spent the day with the newly formed indie rockers to find out what comes next.
Read on to listen to the full-length self-titled EP, check out our official review courtesy of lummoxi's music editor and rock historian, Brian Todd, as well as a portion of our interview with the guys behind the music.  


What cardio and weights are to the body, music is to the brain.

Not many things can stimulate your mind, body, and soul the way music does.


The experts at John Hopkins agree, and research has proven that tuning into your favorite band can reduce anxiety, ease depression, help you sleep, lower your blood pressure and here is an interesting one; improve your memory.

Featured Classical Artist

Juliane W. Price

Opera singer, master violinist, and actress.

My night with an opera singer



The first thing I learned about this German native is that much to my surprise, especially considering she chose a brewery as a place to meet up, she prefers wine to beer.

Juliane, who is from Dessau Germany, located in the eastern portion of the country, started playing the piano with her mother who is a music teacher at the age of three. She then began to follow her dreams of being a violinist at the age of 5 with her vocal training beginning at the age of 14.

After a year and a half of training, she was accepted into 3 separate schools. This was a major accomplishment as most schools had roughly four spots to fill with 700 students longing to fill them, and she had her choice of three of the best.


Feeling that this obviously must be her calling she went on to study opera.

Featured metal Artist

anastasia luna

There is one artist I have had my eye on and was fortunate enough to get a chance to interview.


Anastasia Luna. I met her about a year ago when out for drinks in New York. Her personality drew me in and then after some fun conversation, amused by her Russian accent, I was surprised to find out she was a stonecold, recording, and performing metalhead!


I have been following her music since and can’t wait to see what she has coming out of the recording studio next.

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