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Five Instagram Art Pages Worth Following

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Some you may not know are there.

Instagram has more to offer than the Kardashians and Taylor Swift. The place is filled with resources and value that you can’t begin to imagine. The thing is, you have to look for it. If you only follow the posts that pass by your feed you will be missing out.

Back when I first started my page I didn’t put much thought into it. If it went by my feed and it looked interesting I would give it a like and a follow. By doing that I was generally only following accounts that had a large following already. Organic or not. I was cheating myself out of some really great content by not taking the time to look around a little bit more and do some digging. So do yourself a favor and get in there and search for the unusual, the artistic, and the bold.

This page, for example, has under 1000 followers. The artwork is by Black artists, of Black subjects, and is amazing and rich with history. You can locate @Cocogallery here.

Another page I never would have found if I wasn’t digging around in the depths of Instagram one night while insomnia had its hold on me is @Annapogudz_studio. Ania Pogudz is a London based artist and painter who uses her talent to paint beautiful strong women with exaggerated features. She blends what’s beautiful with the monstrous in the most eye-catching way. Her painting “Invisible Monsters-Queen Supreme” is a perfect example. Go give her Instagram a follow, you won’t be disappointed.

Now, with all the variables in photography - the manipulation of light, the subject, 35 millimeter, digital - there's more ways to get it wrong than right. Photographer, Richard Bacon (@Bacon605) definitely gets it right and is one of my favorite Instagram accounts. Richard and his partner in crime @cmbacon, produce some of the most fascinating shots I've seen. Dark, yet whimsical. Rough, yet loving. I’ve never seen anything quite like the work these two conjure up. Click here and get in on the magic.

If you want to be in complete awe at the amount of workmanship in a handmade sculpture, go take a look at what the artist behind @artpopulars is up to. This stuff is amazing, highly intricate, and stunningly beautiful. You can look at it from every angle and see something different every time. Click this link and have a look for yourself. Might as well follow while you are there.

Last but not least, today I came across an up-and-coming artist (at least on IG) that I feel is worth mentioning. There isn’t much on his page but what is there speaks to me. Everyone starts somewhere and this guy is at the beginning of his Instagram journey. Go check out Isaac Thatcher @isaaccore and see what you think.

If you have any great pages that you would like to share please leave them in the comments! We are all in this together.



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