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Widely Renowned Actor Michael Imperioli Makes His Literary Mark as a Skilled Writer.

You've watched him and his incredible acting chops in the hit show, The Sopranos. But did you know he wrote some of the episodes? After making his literary debut with 'The Perfume Burned His Eyes', the multi-talented Michael Imperioli again showcases his prowess as a story teller in the short story, Yasiri, in the collection of shorts; The Nicotine Chronicles.

Michael Imperioli
Michael Imperioli Photo Credit David Imperioli

In Michael Imperioli’s latest work, Yasiri, the Emmy Award-winning actor/writer performs his magic again. The work is part of an anthology of short stories threaded together by a single element; a theme that encompasses our society like a ring of smoke. To spin a deep and richly crafted literary tapestry like Yasiri in the confines of a short story is the equivalent of trying to go from zero to one-twenty in a city block, or like shooting for a back dive, half twist, straight off of the low board. Yet he pulls it off, and with the flair we've grown to expect from Imperioli.

Following his writing for the mega-hit Sopranos and his debut novel “The Perfume Burned His Eyes” this intricately woven story is yet another wonderful example of Imperioli’s skill as a wordsmith. Taking into consideration the other well-known authors in this collection, the book as a whole is a treasure trove for any avid or casual reader.

"The Nicotine Chronicles"
Published by Akashic Books

“The Nicotine Chronicles”, edited by Lee Child and published by Akashic Books, will be released on September 15th. Pre-orders are being taken now through the publisher as well as Amazon and most places audio-books are sold.

You can also check out his debut book, 'The Perfume Burned His Eyes', on Amazon.

Michael can be found chatting freely with his friends and followers on Instagram if you'd like to stay up to date on his latest endeavors.

And lastly, don't forget to catch up with Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa weekly on the Talking Sopranos Podcast.


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