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Artists Locked Down Now Free To Create

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Creative people, unable to go out, have no place to go but inward to the place where art happens.

As we are being “contained” our creativity is being set free. Finally our brains have enough bandwidth available for imaginative thought. We have enough time (boy do we have time) to paint, sketch, compose, choreograph, cook and sew.

Business as usual is a thing of the past. This crisis has effected everyone from the gig worker to the CEO with them and everyone in between wondering where their next paycheck is coming from.

While so many of us are experiencing loss, fear, anxiety and stress, The Arts are a catalyst to calm. They are a way to express ourselves, put ourselves out there, show our vulnerabilities and connect with others sharing the same struggles. Whether it is dance, music, song or a form of the visual arts, it is a way to share hope, encouragement, love and the essence of life.

If you are a lover of the arts or an artist yourself, you may already be noticing the change. Art is taking on a new value in our society. It’s not just something pretty to look at or listen to. It is essential. Essential for our well being, our mental health and our brain function. Founder and director of Manhattan Arts International, Renee Phillips articulated that “Art can change a person’s outlook and the way they experience the world.

You don’t need to be a pro

All you have to have is a little imagination and some time, and as I’ve mentioned we have the latter in abundance.

I hadn’t picked up a brush in years until I led my kids in an art project near the beginning of the lock-down. It wasn’t long before I was wondering what this odd sensation was that began washing over me. It was vaguely familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then it hit me, I was relaxed. Neck not tense, strange grin on my face, relaxed. Considering I am what some may call “high strung” it has been my savior these past agonizingly long weeks.

Around the globe

Artists of all types and from most countries have found a way to continue to share their craft. While most concerts have been canceled and venues have been closed vocalists and musicians have taken to online performances. Museums have been "opened" for virtual tours and artists are now selling online more than ever before.

Tattoo artists eager to get back to work are sketching on paper rather than skin. Those not into crafts are suddenly finding an urge to create and painters, photographers, cooks, and singers are doing their thing pretty much around the clock. Why? Because it’s who they are.

Check these out

Earlier this week I asked for some submissions of "lock-down art" and here is a small sampling of what I received...

Trista Mathews, an ICU nurse in Oklahoma city found the time to make this amazing bar. Her and her husband are avid travelers and lovers of craft beer so Trista decided to take their two passions and make a beautiful and useful piece of art. The caps are from Portugal, Spain, Iceland, Croatia, Thailand, Mexico, Colombia, Netherlands, Ireland, Scotland and a ton from the United States!

Henry Araujo a Tattoo artist from Upstate New York has owned a shop in Gloversville since 2001. While his shop is closed during the lock-down he is keeping busy with his family which includes a new baby. In his small amount of downtime he was able to draw this piece for his older daughter. His professional work can be viewed on his business's Facebook page.

Andy Harding has been an artist for 20 plus years and agrees that producing art can be a coping mechanism for stress. He states that during the pandemic it has provided him an escape from his worries. He further shares that art has always been cathartic for him and been instrumental in keeping him level-headed. His work can be found on his website.

Last but not least, when not able to perform on stage Juliane W. Price hits the couch for an impromptu performance at home. She is the owner of AViVo School of Acting, Violin and Voice in Rome, New York and an accomplished Singer, Actress and Violinist. Further information can be found on the business's Facebook page.

I encourage you all to keep going. Keep producing, keep moving forward and keep showing me your "Covid-Art"! Send your work to



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