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Robin Theriault

Life in Color

Robin is a 22 year old artist and Barista from Upstate New York who has been producing art for most of his life. It wasn't until highschool however that he realized just how important the arts were and the role that creating was going to take in his future.


He is primarily self taught minus instruction in school and some community drawing classes and has future plans of pursuing a Masters in art education hopefully beginning in the fall of 2020.


Robin’s life revolves around art. His circle of friends are all artists or artistically minded individuals who have become an extended family. With them all being imaginative and creative the perspective they each bring to the relationship is one that is truly valued.


The style of artwork that he produces can best be described as beautiful and unexpected. Colors, patterns and textures can be found in places where tradition has yet to find them which leads to works of art with tremendous depth and interest. You may notice a bit of the southwest in some pieces as it integrated it’s way into his style during a period living in Las Vegas.


Robin has been featured locally with the Rome New York Art Association and has future plans for a group show near the end of the year.


To view more of this artists work or to make contact go to robin.theriault on Instagram, Robin Theriault Art on Facebook, or at 

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